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The Robin Appreciation Society

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Name:The Robin Appreciation Society
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The Robin Appreciation Society is dedicated to giving due adoration to Robin, of the BBC's Robin Hood. He takes a lot of flak around the fandom, and this is a haven from that for Robin fans. Anything Robin-related goes here, provided it doesn't contain hostility toward him, either outright or of the tongue-in-cheek variety. That's not to say this is a shiny, Robs love-fest; he was a flawed character-- but we love him with his flaws, not despite them, so discussion of something that bothered you about Robin, angsty or dark fic about him, et cetera, is perfectly fine. We're here to give due appreciation to the hero of our show (as well as to the talented, gorgeous actor who portrayed him).

We mean, come on-- our Robs never really got his Mazza, and for that, he's owed BIG time. ;)


-Play nice!!
-Use proper tags. Follow the Tagging Guidelines, found below. Check the tags list first, and please follow the set formats if creating a new one.
-Use lj-cuts, if your post contains images or is more than a paragraph or two long. If you're not sure how to do a lj-cut, see here.
-Glitter text or other flashing graphics must be behind a lj-cut, with a warning outside of the cut.
-Use proper fic headers. These should include at least title, author, characters/pairings, rating and summary.

-Other arts
-Non-RH Jonas Armstrong roles, or public appearances (no personal or private information, please)
-Anything else within reason


1.) If you're pimping a community, project, or website, all you need is the "pimping" tag.

2.) If asking a question, please tag your post "question."
- If your question is about a community event (such as Intercomm or Campfire Tales), please use that event's tag, too.
- If your question is about an episode or season of Robin Hood, please also use the appropriate episode or season tag (ex: "1x01" or "s1").
- If your question is about a non-Robin Hood Jonas Armstrong role, please use the appropriate tag (ex: "book of blood" or "the street").

So, if I was asking a question about the RH episode "Childhood," my tags would be: question, 1x04. If I was looking for help finding a fic, all I would need to use is question.

3.) When posting almost anything else, please use a category tag (art, discussion, fic, icons, jonas squee, vid) and all of the following that apply:
- your contributor tag, if you've created something
- episode number or season
- characters (all canon characters should be tagged; OC's aren't necessary to tag)
- pairings (all pairings involving a canon character in the entry, including OC's)
- rating
- special event (ex: campfire tales, holidays, intercomm, wwrd)
- and don't forget our super-special "crusader!robs" tag!! ;)

So, if I was posting a discussion about some aspect of "Let the Games Commence," my tags would be: 3x05, discussion. If I was posting a pg-rated, Robin/Marian drabble set during a random season 2 moment for Campfire Tales, my tags would be: campfire tales, char: marian, char: robin, contributor: railise, fic, pairing: robin/marian, rating: pg, s2. That seems like a lot, but more is better when it comes to tags! It allows people to find what you've posted, or helps you find what you're looking for.

While these are classified as "rules," please don't be intimidated; we just want to streamline things, and make sure that RAS is easy to browse. And, if you're not sure about what to use, or need a tag that's not on the list, don't hesitate to PM us-- we never mind helping out!! :) (Especially for something as easy to handle as tags; that's a piece of mod cake, really. :D)

Questions, problems, concerns or lavish praise can be directed to the mods via PM:














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